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     Tony and Rhonda Lucero have been in the life enrichment space for over 20 years.  Tony as a sound alchemist, certified clinical hypnotherapist, touring musician, author and life activation coach, has traveled the world over looking for the various alchemy's that can amplify and elevate those in their professional and personal lives.  He is the creator of the 5 Pillars of Purpose and the one of the most powerful modalities to bring in the Quasar Love Frequency called "Your Perfect Breath."   He is a teacher and speaker to thousands on manifestation and personal transformation and his unique style ensures immediate and permanent results.  He has mentored Fortune 100 and 500 companies on culture, leadership and communication mastery. 

     Rhonda has been a spirited entrepreneur for over 3 decades.  She is affectionately called "Mom" because of her love for the child in all of us.  As a successful business woman she has generated over 254 million in sales in the health and wellness space world wide.   She is a speaker and loves to teach men, women and the younger generation about following your passion.  She has been featured in many publications and loves spending time at home with her 3 dogs, Gucci, Pressley and Louie.  You can see her in the garden or with her kids and grand kids. 

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