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You Ready to Experience?

Many years in the discovery and implementing of these technologies to assist us on shedding the old and embracing the new. 

Quantum Frequency
Magnetic pulse therapy

Frequency is in everything.  When you understand how you can raise your frequency utilizing technology and the forces around the universe, your life will never be the same

Sound bath immersion

Getting lost in self isolated from the outside is one of the most healing practices you can do.  A crystal sound bath orchestrated by master alchemist Tony Lucero will transcend you to a deep connection like nothing else.  Simply lay back with intention and let live music with variety of instruments blended with love as the captain frequency, do the rest. 

plant based cuisine

Food is fuel.  Once you understand the healthy mouth watering ways to elevate your life and how your body will welcome the new energy, you will be excited about whats next for your lifestyle.

Breath & Flow

The mind is so busy.  During this event you will let go of the noise that we hear in our heads and begin to condition your heart to be the first we listen to.  Mind and heart coherance

Deep Ascension experience

This is the journey of your lifetime.  4 hours of private orchestrated immersion into self with Tony as your guide.  Ancient, present and future knowledge and wisdom are here for your private Innergration.  What is your intention?  Are you ready for the answer?  Here is where it begins.

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